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A quote to sum it up

A buzz of excitement fills the air every year on the day of the release of yearbooks. People flip through each page looking for themselves, their friends and all the memories created over the course of the past school year.

This year, there is even more anticipation for yearbooks with the addition of a long-awaited request: senior quotes. Now seniors have been given the chance to share their favorite memory, sum up their year or to contribute words of advice for future classes.

“We really wanted to add the senior quotes to the yearbook because a lot of other yearbooks had done it and when we went to yearbook camp, we had seen all of them and we thought it would be cool to incorporate. I’m excited about reading everyones quotes,” said Sierra Gay, senior staffer for the school yearbook.

“We’re only doing one page of senior quotes in the book. Our vision is to sum and give an overview of the senior class, kind of inspirational things for underclassmen to look at or for seniors to look back on,” said Gay.

Seniors throughout the school are debating on what their senior quote should be or portray about themselves.

“I think [senior quotes are] a great way to give the seniors more individuality in the yearbook rather than just a picture. A person’s quote should represent their personality. Whether someone is funny, creative or serious, their quote should reflect it,” said Morgan Santalucia, senior.

When writing or submitting a senior quote, keep in mind whether it is appropriate or not. The only quotes that will be incorporated are those that are school-appropriate: bible verses, song lyrics, favorite quotes, etc.

Seniors are encouraged to take advantage of this exciting opportunity by sending in their senior quotes. The quotes can be sent in by e-mail or paper to teachers or to the yearbook staff by Friday, November 14.



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