2014 Powderpuff Tournament

A freshman takes a tumble during the seniors vs. freshmen game. The seniors went on to play in the nail-biting championship against the juniors.

Leesville’s annual powderpuff tournament took place Tuesday, October 21, at Marshall L. Hamilton Stadium. With a handful of controversy, the junior girls stole the victory.

The tournament began with the seniors vs. the freshmen and followed with the juniors vs. the sophomores. Both the seniors and juniors earned their first victories.

All, including Asia Yu-Robinson, who carried the junior girls to the ultimate victory against the seniors, can agree that this year’s tournament was one of the most physical in history.

“The girls on all teams were pretty feisty with one another. Instead of pulling flags, we tackled each other. For a few days after, my body was so sore that it hurt to laugh,” said Yu-Robinson.

“Yes, this is ‘just powderpuff football’ but nonetheless, us girls went hard. The whole ‘no contact’ rule was broken within a few minutes,” said Emily Echols, senior Quarterback. “There were many times in the championship when girls were doing illegal holds and not getting called. The senior girls tried to stay calm and classy no matter what.”

Both teams fought to the death for the win, but the seniors made sure to not sacrifice the experience for a win.

“I was proud of our team for doing a good job at equally sharing the responsibilities,” said Echols. “We were all fabulous athletes and many of us had stand out moments.”

With a nail-biting finish, the seniors remain positive.

“I am confident that the seniors are the true winners. This is our last year, and I am so grateful that I got to enjoy playing great football with a great group of girls,” said Echols.


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