Wed. Jul 6th, 2022

Students may wonder what teachers do during the summer. While some teachers don’t travel anywhere out of the ordinary, Ms. Williams traveled 7,691 miles away to Nepal for a mission trip to try to resolve the issue of human trafficking for the duration of two and a half weeks.

Williams currently teaches Principles of Business and Personal Finance, as well as Microsoft Word and Powerpoint at Leesville.

Williams spent time with children who were recently rescued from human trafficking.

Raleigh is not even remotely similar to India. “FDA regulates food and drugs [in America, but not in India.] The food was grown in their backyard. Some streets didn’t have stoplights. They have one person that regulates traffic. They have scheduled blackouts where they lose power in the whole entire region. Animals run freely where you could see a monkey on the highway,” said Williams.

“I learned that human trafficking is everywhere because when I came back I did research and it happens here. [I learned] the importance of nonverbal communication, but the key thing [I learned] is the rules and regulations that run our country are not uniform in other countries,” said Williams.

The experience was a humbling one for Williams, and is one she will never forget.

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