The “Spirit” of Halloween

Spirit Halloween is now open for business at Leesville Town Centre. This Halloween season, Spirit has opened over 1,000 stores nationwide and 100% of of the money raised in stores goes their charity, Spirit of Children, which benefits children hospitals and rehabilitation centers in New Jersey.

Leesville Town Centre welcomes one of the nation’s largest Halloween retailers.

Spirit Halloween has set up shop near Dominos (in the old Blockbuster building) in Leesville Town Center. This location is perfect because it is in proximity of several schools and neighborhoods. This will allow for a variety of customers ranging from little kids to adults young at heart.

When I walked into the store, I was greeted by some friendly employees, all asking how they could help me and my Halloween needs. The store itself was well laid out with sections specifically for adults, children, masks and yards. The interior captures the spirit (no pun intended) of Halloween with lights flashing, and sound effects going off throughout the store.

In costumes, they have everything from a ladybug or a character from The Simpsons, to zombies or characters from a popular slasher movie. In the yard decor section, there is wide selection of signs, props and lights to put around your house.

The store is set up so that every section is easily accessible, with little stands of knick-knacks in between. Most things in the store is also reasonably priced for the average everyday customer.

The store has an atmosphere of excitement for this upcoming Halloween season; making each customer want to return time and time again to explore every nook of the store and see what new and interesting it beholds.


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