It’s time to get off your apps


From the moment I open my eyes until the moment I close them, I am constantly surrounded by smartphones. I was ecstatic when I received one of my own, because I was finally going to be able to see what was so intriguing and inviting about social media networks up close and personal. Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Tumblr. These four sites and apps have taken over the world and are not planning on stopping any time soon. Why is that?

1. Twitter. The twitter universe has been around for years, but its popularity is relatively recent. Students everywhere are obsessing over their follower ratio, letting the world know what they ate for lunch and posting pictures with their friends. The amount of useful knowledge they gain from this site is little to nonexistent. Instead, students use Twitter to gain popularity and confidence. By having more followers than people you’re following, students gain self confidence throughout their everyday lives, because they feel as though they matter to more people now.

2. Instagram. Instagram is the social media site I use least of all. Something about endless pictures of coffee, country concerts and couples doesn’t entertain me. However, ‘Insta’ is a great app that allows students to share their favorite photos with their friends. They are able to keep in touch with old friends and, in some cases, make new ones. On the other hand, why are people so inclined to comment things such as “OMG I wanna be you” and “Stop being so pretty!”? I believe it is because the person handing out compliment is looking for some in return. I have very little tolerance for people who fish for compliments.

3. Vine. Vine is the newest addition to the social networking family. With only six seconds of content per upload, it’s a wonder how it became so popular at all. Then again, six seconds is the perfect amount of time for teenager’s attention spans. The most popular viners are able to convey messages to their audience that appeal to everyone. From not wanting to crawl out of bed in the morning to how you feel when bae responds to your text, vine has it all. Students love to be able to laugh and be entertained. So what better way than watching hundreds of six seconds comedy clips?

4. Tumblr. Lastly, and probably the most infamous social media site on this list, is Tumblr. When people say Tumblr what comes to mind? Flower crowns, crazy fandoms, artsy pics and mainstream hipsters. Although these are all true, Tumblr is still an underestimated website. Search “funny text posts” and you will be entertained for hours. Also, students tend to gravitate towards Tumblr due to the sense of community it provides. Most people are kind and supportive of each other, as long as you don’t talk about politics, religion or basically any controversial issues. Students crave to be accepted. Tumblr feeds their needs, which makes them keep coming back for more.

We all take social media networks for granted. We are so used to using them to suit our every need, that we never learn how to take care of ourselves in the real world. Yes, Twitter allows us to feel more confident, but how will we cope when we turn our computer off? You may be able to get away with fishing for compliments online, but try it in person and your results may be different than you’re used to. Vine is the only exception, where the main benefit is laughter. Tumblr provides a sense of community, but can you find the same feeling outside on your own? Social media sites are awesome. I’m not denying that. I am just as obsessed as the next teenager. However, it is imperative that you are able to cope on your own when technology is not able to fix all of your problems for you.


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