Political Club opens up lively discussion

Students debate current events in Political Club. Political Club meets on the second and fourth Thursday of every month.

Political Club provides an open environment for students to discuss their views on current events.

Meetings start with an introduction to the issue being discussed. The floor is then open for students to talk about their views on said issue. On October 9, students discussed problems with the Secret Service. Recently, the Secret Service has been in the news for alleged failures to protect the President. Students at Political Club debated whether or not they thought the issues were being handled correctly.

Many students in high school are approaching the age at which they will be able to vote. Having a political club allows these students to educate themselves on government issues and form opinions on them. Some students already know about what’s going on, but for others the club is an opportunity to learn about current events.

During class, there is not much time for students to discuss current events and their views. “I think it’s important to provide a venue for kids who are interested in [discussing current events] on their own time” said Kelley Dow, the Political Club advisor.

Political Club is much less structured than clubs such as Speech and Debate, or Model UN. There are no rules for the discussions, other than to be respectful. There is also no application to join.

The club allows students to express their views and opinions, no matter what they are. Students in the club have a wide range of views which allows for a lively debate. Even if they may not agree, members of the club are respectful of everyone’s views.

Political Club meets every second and fourth Thursday during A lunch. Meetings are held in room 124.


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