Sun. Aug 14th, 2022

On Wednesday, Oct 15, the band New Politics took over Cat’s Cradle. People began lining up at the door before 3:30 even though people could not enter the show until 6:30.

The band consists of three members: David Boyd, lead singer, Søren Hansen, guitarist, and Louis Vecchio, drummer. Since they started in 2009, New Politics has been on the rise ever since.

Cat’s Cradle was packed with fans of all ages. Everyone was going crazy singing along and dancing the entire night. The band members expressed their gratitude towards their fans on multiple occasions, which only made everyone love them even more. Also, Boyd crowd surfing without a shirt as well as break dancing on stage helped people love him a lot more as well.

Most people do not know who this up and coming band is, which is their loss. New Politics is an alternative rock group whose songs range from encouraging and uplifting to loud and uncontrollable.

Two of their most popular songs include “Overcome” and “Harlem”. “Overcome” is song that is easy for everyone to relate to. It motivates people to take a stand and unite. The lyrics switch from “I’m feeling powerless. I’m feeling hopeless.” to “I’m feeling powerful. I’m feeling hopeful.” and so on.

On the other hand, their song “Harlem” is the opposite. It is about letting loose and going crazy. It was no surprise when New Politics played this song as their final encore. It left the crowd in an ecstatic mood without a care in the world. The only downfall was that the concert had come to an end.

Since this performance was only the second stop on their tour “Everywhere I Go”, there is no doubt New Politics will continue to excite every city they play in over the next few months.

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