New Country Rehab performs with Leesville orchestra

New Country Rehab stands outside of Leesville after their performance. The group will played at the International Bluegrass Festival.

New Country Rehab is a bluegrass band that started out in Toronto, Canada, and has been touring across bluegrass states and playing at community events.

The group came and performed for the Leesville Road Orchestra on September 30. Grades 6 through 12 attended the performance. The band told students about the future business opportunities that can be achieved through a career in music.

The lead singer John Showman plays the fiddle, Anthony da Costa plays guitar, Ben Whiteley is on bass and Roman Tomé is on the drums. The band had been playing together for 6 years.

The band is unique because they take classic country roots and mix the sounds with upbeat bluegrass and jazz blends. This eccentric mix gives a modern, alternative country sound.

New Country Rehab is an example that combining incisive innovation and deep understanding and respect for timeless musical themes and motifs pay off.

A large attraction that draws many people to the band is that they have a visible appreciation for the music they play and are not worried about their errors in experimenting with new sounds and new styles.

According to their producers, John Showman spearheaded the band and recruited Roman Tome at first it was just the two of them playing fiddle and drums when they recruited Ben Whitely, bassist.  The three performed for a while on their own before recruiting Anthony da Costa for a guitarist. These four make a unique blend of talents and artistic contrasts that give a relaxing tone of music.

For more about them and a sample of their music go to!/artists/New-Country-Rehab.



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