Sun. Aug 14th, 2022

In Leesville, Model UN Club, now an academic team, has united students interested in conflict resolution and world problems for at least 12 years.

Since September 11 of this school year, they have been meeting the second and fourth tuesday of each month (A lunch, room 128).

Ms. Mosley, a history teacher, has advised the club for 5 years. When asked why she decided to advise it, she said,“I am interested in international relations; and [I] like working with students who have a desire to challenge themselves academically outside of the classroom”.

This year many new people have joined the team. Noah Dasanaike, freshman, said, “I joined Model UN because I have an interest in social studies, and I thought it would be great to discuss and solve world problems. In the meetings we get to know each other, we have debates once in a while… also, there are multiple conventions over the year where people gather up and simulate a nations meeting. “

Ms. Mosley further detailed what happens at meetings: “Students learn about how the United Nations works, research current events, and practice representing the viewpoints of other countries in mock debates. The purpose is to consider what options are available to the international community to avoid war, and to promote economic/political/social cooperation between nations.”

She also stated that she enjoys working with intelligent, well-informed, and hard-working students. She is amazed to see students from all over the state and region working together at the conferences to propose creative solutions to real-world problems. She finally says: “It makes me feel hopeful about the future.”

And, in essence, that is what Model UN is: A bunch of motivated students willing to share ideas to help change the world.

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