Mixing it up in Looneyville

The green out at the first home game of the season.

Another Friday night lights is quickly approaching, and yes, I bet you can probably guess the theme: green-out. It is understandable that a green-out is a commonly used theme for Leesville, but the student body agrees that it is time to mix it up.

This year, we have had three different themes. These include the common green-out, navy-out and neon-out. The neon-out was refreshingly new, but Leesville students are looking for something bigger and more exciting than just color themes.

Over the past game days, we have seen all kinds of different themes from local high schools. A few examples of the most original themes are Millbrook’s Hawaiian-out, Jordan’s American-out, and Athen’s camo-out.

Last year, Loonieville made it into the top five finalists for the HighSchoolOT.com Student Section Showdown and were ranked number three. The Knightdale Krazies and the Heritage Hooligans ranked above Leesville. This year, it is time to step it up a notch.

“We need to dress the part if we are going to win the Student Section Showdown this year,” said Cailley Michaud, junior.

When students were asked the themes they would want for game days, a wide variety of ideas were named. The most popular suggestions were a hippie-out, pajama-out and superhero-out.

Other suggested themes were a grunge-out, nerd-out, beach-out, 70’s-out and a wacky tacky-out.

“Green-outs are always good but I’m excited to do bigger themes, too,” said Dillon Cooper, senior.

To find out the latest themes for the upcoming games follow @LRHSloonies on Twitter!


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