Lunch at the Media Center

Students work independently on computers during the beginning of lunch. Students can work here during lunch and select times after school.

In the month of October, Leesville students and faculty have adjusted to the new SMART lunch schedule. Students have figured out where to go during lunch and how to use extra time to their advantage. The media center is an option for students to study and work for the full lunch period. In the media center, students can read, work individually, work in groups and work on computers.

Many Leesville students have used the media center during lunch. “The media center is a good place to go during lunch, I like having the option to study for the whole time,” said Anne Bowers, sophomore.

The media staff had to adjust to the change in lunch just as students. Before SMART lunch, the media center staff would have to deal with small numbers of students studying or working for 30 minutes. SMART lunch gives the option for dozens of Leesville students to come to the media center for a full hour. The media staff had to adjust to make sure that they were able to supervise and control students that do come during the longer lunch.

Mr. Sherman, chair of the media staff, was questioned about some of the challenges SMART lunch brought upon the media center.

“We constantly remind students to put away their drinks. Also, helping students find a place to sit when it’s full is challenging,” said Sherman.

SMART lunch is for students to use extra time to improve academics. The media center offers a area for students to work individually and quietly but also provides an area where groups can study and work. “The environment is lively with students working in groups on computers and at tables,” said Sherman.

The media center staff has handled the change of SMART lunch and continues to work with students to make the center an effective working area.


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