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For seniors, it’s time to prepare for college

Fall is when seniors have to start thinking about their future after high school and the college they want to attend.

As each day passes, high school becomes more busy and stressful. Beginning freshmen year, students not only need to take difficult classes and earn good grades in them, but also need to work while staying active in their extracurricular activities.

Many seniors, and some juniors, already know which college they want to attend, but there are many who don’t. For those, the situation can be more complicated.

Cameron Harris, senior, said, “If I have time, I work on my college application and if not, I don’t. I have in mind one college, but I’m looking for others also.”

James Ticatic, another senior, said, “I know the college I want to go to, and I am a little stressed to know if I can get in, but at the same time I want to know.”

However, seniors are not the only ones who have to think about their future. As juniors are approaching their last year, they have to start taking AP classes and taking more responsibility in and out of school. They need to start thinking about the college they want to go to and plan their next year. Pressure is present in their environment, as they now have more responsibilities.

Kendall Zinner, junior, said, “I have to study more and I have to make good grades. I know the college I want to go, but it’s so hard to get in.”

Senior meetings with counselors began on September 6, and now they have begun planning their application process and other plans for the future, including the military, although some have already started the process during summer.

Whether seniors have been planning since their freshmen year or just now learned what the Common Application is, it’s time for all who plan to attend college to start organizing and setting goals for their future after high school.


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