Facebook’s letter to Twitter


Dear Twitter,

You are entirely meaningless. Unlike me, you have taken all of the meaning out of social media. Your 140 character limit has demolished any formation of intelligent or sophisticated ideas that are posted. On me, users can post more and develop their posts into more meaningful ideas. They can write much more and are not limited in their stream of thought.

This enables people to truly know their friends and learn more about them. You don’t facilitate growth in relationships — your users only know the molded and limited personality of their followers. The way you use communication only gives a false impression of who the person truly is, and it limits the amount of interaction people have.

You enable people to make their own image of themselves, where I portray a more realistic image of that person. People that use Twitter can be very narcissistic — they create a falsified image of themselves that they are proud of, and then they become obsessed with this image. I foster more relationships, whereas you emphasize self image.

Your users become obsessed with followers, favorites and retweets. They are unable to focus on the news of their friends because they don’t care about anyone’s profile but their own. I foster a more caring, relational environment where everyone is more sociocentric.

Kids obsess over you — they spend constant hours devising the perfect tweet and editing their profile to keep it on trend. When using me, they simply don’t worry about what their profile looks like — they have comfort in the fact that the only people assessing their online image will be their parent’s friends and distant relatives.

The main reason for my superiority is that I attract a much more mature audience. My users are humble adults who want to use social media for its intended purpose — to communicate. However, you house the immature and egocentric millennial generation; you feed their self interest without caring or realizing it. You are built on the shaky foundation of perpetuating narcissism.

Sincerely, Facebook


Dear Facebook,

I may foster this narcissism, but you are its founder. You are the primary force in initiating the egocentrism that has manifested itself in modern social media.

If you asked the average between four to five years ago what social media website they spent the most time on they would most likely answer either ”Facebook.” Now, more time is spent on sites like Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc. But even as new social media sites and apps are created, one seems to tower over the others – Twitter. Facebook has arguably lost many of its users and its coinciding popularity, and it is not happy.

Sincerely, Twitter


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