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Extreme fandoms: One Direction edition

Whether you listen to them or not, everybody knows the name One Direction and with their name comes thousands of adoring fans who may, at times, go to the extreme.

Although they auditioned separately, Liam, Niall, Harry, Louis and Zayn combined their talents to form One Direction. The now-famous boy band made their first appearance together on X-Factor in 2010 and from there, the boys’ fame skyrocketed after the release of their first recorded song “What Makes You Beautiful”.

After their debut on the X-Factor, One Direction gained millions of fans who, as a whole, make up the One Direction fandom. The boy band makes many public appearances which gives their fans a chance to express their support and love for them. The fans may go to the extreme when given the opportunity to see the boy-band in person.

“I was in Nashville and I waited outside their hotel for five hours”, said Lauren Marsic, junior. “Last year they were on the Today Show in New York, and I was outside the hotel for 12 hours. I didn’t get to see them at the Today Show, but we paid a cab to actually drive through their concert [during the show]”, said Marsic.

“[My favorite] is Harry. He’s just so attractive”, said Marsic.

One Direction’s fourth album, titled “FOUR” is scheduled to be released in the near future. Their adoring fandom will only grow bigger as the boy band’s fame continues to expand.


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