Sun. Aug 14th, 2022

With Homecoming  up on us, the school is in a hurry to prepare for spirit week, the pep rally and the homecoming football game.

The pep rally, which will take place on Friday, October 17, is packed full of performances, including a performance from the Leesville Dance Ensemble. The Dance Ensemble’s pep rally performance will be their first of the year. Each member on the team has been working hard to prepare for their big debut.

“We started preparing for [the] pep rally the Friday before school started. The seniors who are returning to Dance Ensemble this year worked on choreography over the summer,” said Haley Rea, senior and co-captain of Dance Ensemble.

With a new teacher and 11 new dancers, everyone has been working hard to adjust. Attending workshops, performing and spending time together outside of school has helped the team come together and become closer.

“Mrs. Cadby is such an amazing teacher. She has brought in her new ideas and ways to do things but has continued to honor pre-established traditions not only in Dance Ensemble but in the entire dance program,” said Rea.

After their Homecoming performance, the Leesville Dance Ensemble will have their annual Dance Ensemble show on November 13, in the auditorium.

“Dance Ensemble this year is hoping to be better than we ever have before. We are hoping to have our shows and performances, as well as fundraisers, more publicized to the school and community. Our goal is to leave our audience in awe after each performance,” said Rea.

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