Celebrate My Drive at Leesville

Celebrate My Drive is happily powered by State Farm Insurance, they too would like to see all drivers creating safer roads. Winners of Celebrate My Drive will be announced around November 15, 2014.

Leesville is participating in Celebrate My Drive in hopes of creating a safer school and surrounding community.  Leesville also has the chance to win a $100,000 grant from State Farm Insurance AND a concert performed by an award winning artist.

Receiving a drivers license is very exciting for all teens, but also the most dangerous time for them.  Car accidents are the leading cause of deaths among teens.  Celebrate My Drive works to encourage students to drive with caution. In 2013, Celebrate My Drive received over 6 million commitments and hopes to obtain even more this year.

Sign up and make the commitment to drive safe at www.CelebrateMyDrive.com.

Molly Moore, assistant principal, organized Leesville’s participation in Celebrate My Drive. Moore is an advocate for safe driving as she witnesses the students driving habits everyday. Moore said, “A students vote will indicate that they are willing to try to drive safe.”

Students are able to sign up once per day throughout October 15-25.  Although not a guarantee, by signing up students will at least think about the way they drive and how they could fix their bad habits.

Participating in Celebrate My Drive is a win-win situation.  Even if Leesville is not able to win grant money or a concert, our school will still have students who have made the attempt to create safer roads.  And if Leesville has enough students to sign up we will have a safer community AND the grant and concert prize.



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