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Raleigh Youth Council engages community

The Raleigh Youth Council began a new year of operation, and is looking for new members. The RYC is a group of high schoolers who meet every other Monday at the Laurel Hills community center to discuss volunteer and recreational opportunities.

The meeting begins at 7:00 p.m. sharp. After introductions, the last meeting is recapped and future club activities are discussed with the members. There are a little over 30 teenagers in the room. They are teens of all demographics and attend schools all across Wake county.

The club advisor leads the meeting along with the teenage group council, who sit at a large table at the front of the room. According to the members, signing up for the RYC is easy, all that’s required are a few forms of contact info. You are not required to attend every volunteer event, just the ones that interest you.  Members are allowed to vote on which activities the club should participate in. The choices range from to reading elementary school kids to doing fundraiser drives.

They also recap volunteer events that have passed, such as helping with the local Miracle League, or recreational activities, like a visit to the NC zoo.

Any interested members are welcome to attend any RYC meeting at any Laurel Hills Community Center, without pre-registration. More information, such as meeting times, can be found at their website.


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