Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

On Wednesday, August 20, Leesville held the annual freshman orientation, called Pride Launch, for new students coming to Leesville. At the orientation, students are given their schedules, served food, attended a pep rally and played group ice-breaking games, went to the club fair.

Pride Launch is meant to ease freshman, into the reality of high school; not the big monster its made out the be. Leesville’s club community, Liasons, and student council are the primarily responsible.

Executive Council hyped up the students during a mock pep rally before breaking into smaller groups. In small groups students were more individualized, able to make friends, talk about their summer and play games.

James Ticatac, senior on Executive Council, said, “I think it worked out really well. In my group most of the kids were actually talking to each, sharing schedules, and finding common interests. On day one I don’t think they’ll have trouble finding friends.”

At the club fair, the dozens of clubs at Leesville had booths. They recruited new members, gave out candy, and most all provided students a time to break and socialize after being overloaded with information.

During the last hour of the event, which ran from 8:00-12:30, students were escorted on tours around the school by Liasons. This gave them time to talk one-on-one with seniors and juniors to clarify any questions or concerns while learning the school.

That’s a lot of promises, but how successfully did Pride Launch meet them, with a week of hindsight?

Laine Butler, freshman, said, “The orientation was friendly and welcoming. If there was ever a problem, it was easy to find someone to help me. On the first day I didn’t have trouble getting to class at all, and I found friends at lunch. I’m excited for my first year of high school.”

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