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Get to know Officer Greene

Officer Greene is no stranger to Leesville High School. The 2014-15 school year will be Greene’s third year working as the school’s resource officer.

The motivation for Greene’s policing came from his degree from North Carolina Central University in Durham in criminal justice. Greene made the decision to become a police officer by his junior year; he sent out applications to departments in the Raleigh-Durham area.

Before Greene’s work at Leesville, he worked as a patrol officer in the southwest district of Raleigh around the NC State campus. After he served there for 12 years, Greene was hired to work for the Raleigh Police Department. Once Greene decided to work as a school resource officer, he had to receive additional training and attended a training course in Salemburg, North Carolina. After completing the course, Greene received his official certificate to work at a school.

Now that Greene’s focus is on Leesville, he works a full day patrolling the school and keeping students in check. When asked about his daily routine, Greene said that his main focus and job is to be visible to students.

“[I] try to be visible in all areas of the school as much as possible,” said Greene. Greene can be seen during classes and between classes roaming halls or reporting to where he is needed.

Though Greene can cover most of what happens at Leesville, he receives help from other officers when he needs it.

Greene states that “Leesville is a good challenge” for him. Leesville students tend to follow rules and regulations, but there are always some that do not. When talking about Leesville students, Greene had nothing bad to say.

“As a whole, I do really enjoy being here.The student body is not a problem,” he said.

Helping our school in a very important way, Officer Greene is always working to provide safety for our students and staff. Though Greene is here to protect Leesville, he also is a part of our school and strives to see our students succeed. “I encourage students to do the best they can and to take advantage of what Leesville has to offer,” said Greene.

Officer Greene is available for any student to talk to about issues they have or see. Greene will continue to keep Leesville a safe place and to help students strive to excel in and out of school.



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