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Freshmen reactions to high school

August 25, 2014 marked the start of a new career for a class of LRHS students. Some new freshman students offered their opinions on how they had been enjoying their first year at this school–good opinions and bad.

“[High School is] fun and big compared to my old school,” said Christopher Hinton, a freshman. He also went on to say that adjusting to school life here was easy for him–one of the more notably difficult things for freshman students to accomplish.

“I do feel welcome here [at Leesville],”said Hinton.

This is a good sign that the Leesville community is succeeding in its efforts to welcome freshmen to the school in a way that will give them a good start in their high school careers.

When asked if they had an easy time joining clubs and sports teams, they said it had been remarkably painless and they had no trouble getting involved.

“They had a lot of the flyers and they had people walking right by you saying stuff about clubs.” said Matthew Murio, a freshman involved in track and field.

He went on to say that he thought school at Leesville would be boring–reasoning that people of all grade levels can understand.

One of our school’s mottos is that someone just beginning their high school career should “tear into their future”. It is the job of  schools members to remove the obstacles that face those who wish to take their future into their own hands, so that our school can continue to improve and better itself. A goal that is being accomplished.



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