A brief history of Floral Friday


Floral Friday officially began when Michael Spear visited Japan over spring break of 2012. He found a floral shirt that he liked and he started to wear it every Friday for the next three months.

“Floral Friday has come a long way since I first started it,” said Spear. “Sophomore year, I was literally the only one doing it.”

As he continued this tradition, his friends gradually joined him and the number of participants grew weekly. Floral Friday caught on during Spear’s junior year, when Spear’s group of friends started joining him.Spear is now a senior, and he has left behind a tradition for future Leesville students to follow.

“It’s not Friday, if it’s not floral,” said Benton Theissen, sophomore.

Some teachers such as Señor Ross and Mr. Broer participate in their own Festive Shirt Friday.

“I have been doing this for about 15 years,” said Ross, “We used to have about eight other teachers that used to do it but they’ve moved out or [are] on to teach at other schools.”

Floral Friday participants have expanded to about 10-20 people, opposed to the original group of Spear’s friends. It is not to be mistaken for Whacky Friday, which the Leesville baseball team does.

This tradition will live on when Spear graduates and the precedents he left behind will remain.



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