Oculus brings a new twist to horror movies

On April 11, 2014, the arrival of Oculus to theaters delighted horror movie fans across the world. The movie earned $12 million its opening weekend, in addition to generally positive reception from viewers.

The storyline follows Kylie (Karen Gillan) and Tim Russell (Brenton Thwaites), siblings both haunted by the same family tragedy. In order to fulfill a lifelong promise, the two set out to prove that the death of their parents was the fault of a dangerous entity attached to the Lasser Glass, a vintage mirror from their childhood home. Along the way, their reality is shattered as they’re faced with terrifying hallucinations and confronted by their gruesome past.

Oculus scores well with an interesting plot that keeps audiences on their toes. Unlike a lot of movies in the horror genre, Oculus is virtually unpredictable and takes many different twists and turns. As each event unravels, the suspense grows as well as the viewer’s desire to learn more about the intriguing mystery. Oculus’s riveting plot was supported by an otherwise exceptional cast of new and upcoming actors. Each manages to put on a very believable performance, allowing audiences to really sympathize with the troubled characters on a more personal level.

The only crucial flaw in Oculus is that because it incorporates two major storylines (events from present day and events from eleven years beforehand), it’s very easy to get confused or lost. The movie continuously flip-flops between past and present, especially as the both storylines become more intense. Those who did not enjoy Oculus cited this convolutedness as the main reason.

Overall, Oculus is a top-notch horror flick that surpasses some of the more recent movies in its genre. With an engrossing plot that fixates on dread and mystery as well as a professional cast, Oculus is definitely a must-see film.


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