Apparel Class holds fundraiser


Each year the Apparel class holds a fundraiser to raise money for future field trips.
Pairs of students from the class set up their vending booths near near the cafeteria to lure in passing students.

Several dozen scarves, frockets, headbands, and ties were sold at the stands. Frockets were sold for $5, headbands were sold for $4, and an autographed frocket cost $10. Students have the option to bring their plain t-shirts, crop tops, and tank tops for custom design.

Students can choose from several designs like sports team labels, unique patterns, and many others.

The apparel class has a long lasting tradition of holding fundraisers to fund for annual field trips.

“The apparel class payed for our trip this year and we just want to pay them back,” said Audrey Rodriguez, junior.

Last fall, the class visited Spoonflower’s Durham retail store in Durham. The fabric company also maintains a website offering consumers the option to create, send, and print out their unique designs onto fabrics at the store.

“We also went to the NC State textile college where we saw how fabrics are made and the design students making their own clothes,” said Nguyen.

With a couple of weeks left in this fundraiser, the class aims to reach their targeted amount.

“We want to raise more than the $300 that we raised last year,” said Bill Nguyen, senior.

The fundraiser will continue to the end of the school year.

Stay unique and support the apparel class.

“Come buy frockets, come buy headbands,” said Nguyen.


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