What You Not Gon’ Do: 3 Of My Weird Pet Peeves & Daily Rants


pet peevesOne thing you should never do is ask me what my pet peeves are. You will find yourself bombarded by a list of annoyances, daily nuisances and a whole lot of rambling. I just find a lot of things to be annoying. They’re not entirely big deals, just things that I find beyond annoying. Here are three of them:

1. People Who Say “Awkward”
What you not gon’ do is say awkward 50 million times a day. I absolutely can’t stand when there’s a brief pause in a conversation or a slight misunderstanding, and someone feels the need to say “awkwarddddddd” or, “oooo, that was awkward”. Truth is, it probably wasn’t awkward until you said that. The word itself is just way too overused. Let’s get a thesaurus and find a list of synonyms, so, if you’re still tempted to be annoying, you could at least be less annoying by using a different word. I can say with almost 100% certainty that if the word “awkward” no longer existed, America would be a better place. It would probably be less awkward.

2. Parents Who Bring Their Children Into Adult Places & Ask Others To Be Mindful
This is a big one for me. Parents, I am urging you to take notes. What you not gon’ do is tell me to watch my language or where I’m walking because you just had to bring 4 year old, Little Suzy, to Spencer’s Gifts or to the local cinema’s new R-rated scary movie. Get real.

3. Social Media Trends
Almost every social media trend in the world annoys me. For a minute, I find them funny and then they get completely overused. Take “or nah….” for example. On Vine, users state seemingly random, yes or no questions, and end them with “or nah?” I thought this was incredibly hilarious…that is until everyone in the world got a hold of it and seemed to use it after everything.
Now everyone in class is saying:
“Can I have some paper….or nah?”
“Can you be quiet…..or nah?”
“Are those shoes cute…..or nah?”

Do I hate that joke now…..or NAH? I do, I really do.


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