Student Spotlight: Chris Jeffreys continues to make us laugh


If you don’t know Chris Jeffreys, I know you’ve heard him. He’s had quite a successful high school career, as he’s recently won Pridefest King after hosting Winterfest last year.

“I’m a real dude, I’m funny, I’m the Comedy Prince.”

Jeffreys was born and raised here in Raleigh. He attributes most of his inspiration from growing up in the hood, seeing gang violence and struggling to make ends meet. He even has 13 siblings. “Living in the hood, broke, eating condiment sandwiches. It’s been hilarious, but crazy,” he joked. “Comedy is pain. You [have] to make a bad situation good.”

He goes by stage name Chris Harris, his alter ego. “Chris Jeffreys is the person who works hard, Chris Jeffreys is black, and Chris Jeffreys is a kind-hearted dude who loves everybody,” he said.

“[Chris Harris is] a black dude with a flat top that’s real,” he said. “He’s a big ball of turn up juice…with Sprite in it.”

Jeffreys is an aspiring comic, who one day hopes to be on movies and stand-up. In ten years, he sees himself in Los Angeles, making movies with his own entertainment company, Bird’s Eye View Entertainment. He also attributes his career choice to Coach Pyper and Ms. Scioli. “They changed me throughout the years,” he said. “[Ms. Scioli] is the one that said I should be a comedian. I love them for that.”

“Making people laugh gives me joy, ‘cause you never know what someone is going through,” he said. He looks up to comedians Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle, given their humble beginnings and comedy success.

Chris Jeffreys can only be explained as Chris Jeffreys. The tall kid with the flat top, who sounds like he swallowed a megaphone.

His last words? “Follow me on Twitter @boygotjokes, and on Instagram @TheComedyPrince. I love ya’ll….”


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