I forgot my motivation


This is an article about procrastination: I currently cannot think of anything to contribute, so I shall wait until the creative juices churn into something brilliant and thought provoking.

Shortly after, I realize that there is literally nothing newsworthy going on within the Leesville community that I could adequately cover in an article. The struggle continues.

Thoughts going on in my mind as I procrastinate this article: Monday, “Wow, there is literally nothing I want to write about, should I really become a journalist, what am I doing with my life?”

Tuesday: “I’ll do it later. Tumblr will relax me about anticipatory stress of deadlines and assignments.” Three hours on Tumblr later I pass out and wake up at midnight, grab a snack, go to the bathroom and proceed to tumble until it’s time for school in the morning.

Wednesday: “It’s my birthday, I have an excuse not to do anything because I am too busy celebrating the anniversary of my existence. I’ll come up with some short news article on Thursday or Friday.”

Thursday: “People really want to know about the political club scrapbook meeting today, perhaps that’s what I’ll write about.”

Later in the afternoon, it appears that no one knows what to do or cares, huh.

Friday: “Wow, that meeting was uninteresting, as was the rest of my Thursday, at least it’s Friday. I will find a renewed energy to write about fascinating world or philosophical topics next week.”


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