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APUSH pushes students for early exam prep

APUSH pushes students for early exam prep
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Mr. Hunt, AP US History teacher, prepares packets for his students to study. The packets consist of key terms, sequencing events, matching, as well as essay outlines.

Spring Break and the onset of April are already upon us, and with that, AP students begin to enter a complete panic as they prepare for all of the tests they will take in mid May. In order to help them AP teachers often hold review sessions to revisit material, discuss test taking strategies, even take practice test, as well as revitalize the atmosphere of the class.

One of these teachers is none other than Mr. Hunt, the AP US History teacher. Every other Thursday former APUSH students descend upon Trailer 2 to brush up on their history and hit the books… at least in theory.

Cary Baldwin, junior in APUSH, said, “I took the class and managed to struggle my way through, so if I do well on the test that makes it all worth it. Especially considering APUSH is known for being the hardest and most difficult class by far — it’s like I might as well take it.”

However, this spirit is not shared by all. Robert Cushman, junior junior in APUSH, said, “After taking the class I didn’t feel confident enough to sign up for the test. Looking at [taking the test], it just seemed that the cost might be too much if I don’t do well. I don’t particularly regret not signing up for the test.”

AP reviews are heavily recommend by teachers and they students taking they test to not be turned off by the idea of fifth class after school; often times it can be more entertaining than anything. Baldwin said, “I can’t speak for other classes but the APUSH reviews are hilarious. I think it’s because we’re a small group where everyone, Mr. Hunt included, are always cracking jokes — it’s like we’re a little family. “

While AP reviews can be a great way to reconnect with a close group of friends under common threat of the impending test, just don’t forget the original purpose of the review sessions, or you may find yourself in even more troubled waters. Baldwin said, “Of course it’s also helpful too, the packets he gives are great for private studying, and even the inside jokes help me remember little bits and pieces of the class.”

Clearly the AP tests are not for everyone, but if you’re willing to put in the time and effort they can be a huge help academically, and even a great place to socialize. After all, $84 is a lot cheaper than a college class.

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