Fri. Aug 19th, 2022

“A volcano can remain dormant for centuries and still unleash a fiery inferno upon the Earth”.

This is the first sentence on a flyer advertising the Paladins of the Magistery, a secret organization that lurks in the Leesville halls.

Only but a few of the crest-printed flyers remain hanging on the walls around Leesville Road High School; I — a lucky girl — was able to get my hands on one of the last to do a little investigation of this secret alliance — The Paladins of Magistery.

Rumors have it that the Paladins started with a group of friends who graced the halls with their presence and graduated over two years ago — with no word about the Paladins since. Having no way to enter the halls of LRHS since their departure, the original creators must have passed on the organization to younger siblings or friends.

After being dormant for so long, the reprise of the group came to a shock to teachers and students who had thought the society dead. The resurrection of the Paladins struck many unknowing students with fear and confusion on who these lurkers were. Are they the Illuminati? a terrorist group? a bunch of nerds? I was determined to find out the cold hard facts about the Paladins once and for all.

Many questions spawn in conversations about the Paladins, typically asking why. Why do they meet? Why can’t they be more informative about the society? Why are they the “Paladins” and not a Warrior or a Dark Knight or a Shaman?

I know from my experience with role-playing games (RPGs) that a paladin is a character that is a crusader or holy knight whose goals are to uphold justice and vanquish evil. A magistery is a substance capable of healing, transformation or resurrection typically created through alchemy by wizards or potions masters.

Either way, the purpose of the Paladins at Leesville is unknown since it seems to be revolved around magic — which is only real when playing RPG’s. Do people who join want to join a community? to save the world? to make friends to have LAN parties with?

I struggled to find any answers to the most obvious of questions about the Paladins. There is no Twitter or Facebook page, email address or even a clue about where to get in contact with “the Grand Master” of the Paladins. No information. Nothing

So, turned astray by the lack of any forward evidence, I decided to turn to my primary resource for Paladin research — the flyers around the school, as I mentioned earlier.

To start, I analyzed the crest of the organization (which isn’t very pleasing to the eye). (Hey, Grand Master, if you’re reading this, I’d recommend a version 2.0 of the crest. You’re not going to get any new members with that design).

The crest features a sun, a bundle of arrows, two keys and a moon and flower….thing? I’m honestly not even sure what to call it.

With common knowledge, I understand the sun symbol on the crest; it is to represent how the Paladins bring light to the darkness, good to the evil, justice to the unjust to Leesville Road High school. The arrows obviously represent how the Paladins keep peace using archery because they are long range fighters (so I wouldn’t doubt that a few of the Paladins were trained in a Lifetime Sports class on their keen archery skills).

The keys and moon-flower thing is really what confuses me. I’m not quite sure what the crest is supposed to represent overall, and anyway, the crest of a paladin features a blue and gold lion which is absent on the Paladins of the Magistery flyer.

The crest is not helpful at all with figuring out what the Paladins are all about.

Since the fliers have disappeared, the buzz about the Paladins has disintegrated. Who know’s when the Paladins will shine again? More importantly, no one probably cares. Sorry, Grand Master.

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