Mon. Jul 4th, 2022

On Tuesday, March 11, the French Club held their annual Mardi Gras celebration. With a special Mardi Gras presentation, mask making, and tasting a Mardi Gras delicacy, attendees were able to get a feel of what Mardi Gras was really like.

The religiously based celebration symbolizes the beginning of Lent, a forty-day period in which Christians believed Jesus fasted. In places such as Rio and New Orleans, locals have turned Mardi Gras into a two week celebration.

The meeting started off with a presentation by Camille Churchwell, a Louisiana native, has experience with Mardi Gras. She talked about Mardi Gras’ traditions including mask making, the several parades held during Mardi Gras, and the food.

After, the students all had the opportunity to try king cake. This Mardi Gras treat is best defined as a large, circular cinnamon bun. Its top was decorated with icing in Mardi Gras’ three signature colors– green, yellow, and purple.

“My favourite part was probably the king cake [and] socializing with everybody.” said Lindsay Arata, a senior who attended Tuesday’s meeting.

Then they broke out the art supplies and had a mask making competition. The winner received the loudest applause from the attendees. Feathers, markers and jewels were available to decorate the paper masks.

“I felt more involved in the Mardi Gras culture in New Orleans by making the masks, and it was a good experience to see what maybe they’re doing on Mardi Gras versus what we do for Mardi Gras.” said Arata.

Leesville French Club’s Mardi Gras celebration provides students with a unique perspective on this famous french celebration. Learning with other enthusiastic students is a great way to enrich oneself of French culture.

“It was really fun. It was great from everyone to get together, eat cake, make masks and celebrate Mardi Gras, and french culture,” said Arata.

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