City to expand Leesville Road

The project will take place between a mile stretch of Leesville Road. It is expected to significantly help the residential traffic of folks from the Harrington Grove community and other surrounding developments.

The City of Raleigh has finalized plans to widen a section of Leesville Road.

The proposed project plan is for the portion of Leesville Road between I-540 and New Leesville Road and could start within the coming months.

The intent of the project is to widen the road so that traffic will flow more smoothly during peak hours of the day. With the development of this area in the past years, including the building of two schools (St. Francis of Assisi School and Sycamore Creek Elementary School), traffic has quickly become chaotic.

Additionally, accident numbers on this road have spiked, due to drivers frustrated by the troublesome traffic and poorly designed intersections. During the construction phase, the city will capitalize on the opportunity to improve the intersections along this stretch of the road.

Features of the project will include a four lane, median-divided road that will feature curbs, roadside gutters for drainage purposes and a new sidewalk that residential folks in this area will love. For the frequent bikers of Norwood and Leesville Roads, they even have planned to install a bike lane on both sides.

Requests have been made that the city plants some type of trees in the median area to enhance the appeal of the new road. Other than this, there have been very few slow-downs or appeals in the project thus far. This is something of a rarity for construction projects these days.

The City of Raleigh is currently in the process of choosing which bidder they will use. As far as completion is concerned, the city maintains that the project could be done as soon as summer 2015.

For any other details on the Leesville project, the City of Raleigh has a link entirely for this project on their website.



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