My fan theory holds strong for the season premiere of Twisted


As an avid watcher of ABC’s Twisted, I wanted to play detective along with the first season of the show and come up with my own theory as to who did what and why and how.

Danny Da Psycho, I mean Danny Desai, known as a murderer around his hometown of Green Grove. When he was 11, he was accused and convicted of murdering his aunt, Tara Desai — strangulation with a jump rope. After five years in juvie, he’s returning back to his hometown. Before Danny’s release from juvie, he finds out the devastating news that his father, Vikram, has passed away.

Twisted follows Danny as he tries to reconnect with childhood best friends Lacey Porter and Jo Masterson. He also makes friends with Rico, Jo’s new best friend, who tries his best to help along the way.

Each episode reveals a new clue to the mystery. One of the most important clues is a necklace that Tera Desai used to wear that was found on Regina Crane’s body. Somehow, it ends up in Danny’s locker the next day at school, connecting the Crane family with the Desai family.

In the middle of all of the hype is a meaningless love triangle…or maybe it’s a square. It doesn’t develop the plot at all, but it does wrangle in the teenage viewers. Jo is in love with Danny, but Danny is in love with Lacey, which is great for Rico because he’s in love with Jo. Unfortunately, Jo doesn’t feel the same about Rico, so things get all awko-taco between them, so Jo goes and hooks up with Tyler (who really doesn’t have anything to do with anything).

Now, by the end of season one, I had a full fledged fan theory planned out and ready to go for season two. It goes a little something like this: Danny is a lying, cheating, murderous maniac. He knows, for a fact, that his father is still alive and is working in cahoots with him to cover up both murders that Danny committed.

Danny Da Psycho and Lacey’s relationship is a total sham. The only reason that he doesn’t date Jo is because, wait for it…they’re related. Jo is Danny’s illegitimate sibling from an extramarital affair. Yup. Jo’s jezabelle temptress of a mother was messing with Danny’s conniving father.

And that’s why he can’t tell anyone why he killed his aunt; several times throughout the series he says, “She was trying to ruin our family,” but never explains what he means by that. She probably knows about the affair and was threatening to tell Karen.

Not only did his dad tell him to kill her, but also Jo’s mom. They couldn’t have their perfect little suburban lies ruined and knew Danny would only go to juvie if he took the wrap.

Tess is still involved with Vikram so she helped him fake his death before Danny got out of juvie and crap hit the fan. Then, she killed Regina, planted the necklace in Danny’s locker and sent the text from Regina’s phone to make it look like Danny has a motive for murder.

That’s about as far as I got before the holes in my story got too big to fill.

Now let’s check off my predictions for season two.

As the episode opens, there is still no sign of Danny. Karen Desai is having a heated conversation with Chief Masterson in which he hints that Vickram could still be alive. Uh-oh. Is that check number one?

Then Danny pulls an Edward Cullen and climbs through Jo’s window and scares the living daylight out of everybody. Unlike Jo, I was happy to see him though.

The episode drags on a little slowly, however, with more people being added to the plot and less of the plot being revealed.

Jo finally forgives Danny and stops being butthurt about his relationship with Lacey and, ya know, the murdering thing and tries to set up a meeting with him and his dad. For some very odd reason, they decide to meet in an abandoned warehouse in the middle of a heavily shaded area.

But then, a bombshell drops when Danny reveals that he didn’t kill his aunt, he was just taking the wrap for his dad. Just as the words slip out of his mouth, BOOM! Here comes Vikram. While part of my theory is debunked, another holds strong and the story trudges along.

A blubbering Danny and a frantic Jo try to escape the grips of a P.O.’d Vickram as he chases him through the oddly chosen setting and right to the edge of an oddly placed cliff. Vikram tries to grab Jo, Danny hits Vik and over the cliff he goes.

So, while my my theory partially holds up I’m super anxious about this weeks episode. Things seem incredibly bleak for Old Danny Boy. I mean, with Danny’s only witness dead and gone and and the body count continuously growing, looks like things might be over for the home team.


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