LRHS rocks the open house


On Thurs, Jan. 23, Leesville Road High School held an open house for the second semester. All of the parents of LRHS students were able to walk through their children’s schedules to meet their teachers and see what their classes are like.

When it comes to making everyone feel welcome, LRHS is the best. The school was filled with teachers, parent volunteers and members from the Executive Council and National Honor Society.

The majority of the teachers here at LRHS were present for the open house. They informed the parents of what to expect for the upcoming semester. From the amount of classwork and homework students have to the difficulty of the quizzes and tests they take, the students’ parents were able to see school from their children’s point of view.

While most of the parents were listening to teachers, many other parents were in the halls. The Executive Council members were present in order to direct lost parents to their next classroom. Finally, the NHS members were babysitting the teachers’ children in order to help out the teachers.

Sonali Biswas, a member of the Executive Council, was helping guide parents around the campus. She said, “Open house is my favorite event. I really like all of the parents who say hi to you. I would definitely help in the future because I love seeing everybody’s parents.”

The Open House was a success thanks to all of the efforts put in from the faculty, students and volunteers. Parents were able to see school from their children’s point of view and also have a good time doing so.


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