GOT7 proves their lyrics to be true in debut video


2013 seemed quite bleak for Korean record label JYP. With minor performances and few artist debuts, one of the Big Three record labels seemed to be stepping out of the spotlight.

However, JYP promised not to make their loyal fans wait any longer. They started releasing teasers for a promising, young boy band called GOT7.

The first teaser for the video showed seven young, attractive guys, walking down the hallways of what I assume is a high school and looking like regular teenage jerks with inflated egos.

The second teaser was a lot better, but with a lot more showboating. The guys are riding down the streets on these futuristic skateboard things and the video then “introduces” each member separately for those who aren’t familiar with them. The teaser is filled with flips and sexual lip-biting and cute, crooked smiles. It ended with a line from the chorus of their song, “Girls, girls, girls, they love me.” Okay…

After watching the teasers, I had quite conflicting emotions. For one, one of the members is a sixteen-year-old named BamBam. Secondly, the song is entitled “Girls Girls Girls.” And, finally, the first teaser had nothing to do with the song they were debuting. After listening to their mini album, I found out that it was a completely different song. On one hand I was completely turned off by the weird showboating, but on the other hand I could not deny that these guys were, indeed, very attractive.

Nonetheless, I watched the video when it debuted. The beginning of the video was (literally) just the first teaser. Then it runs right into them riding down the streets on those futuristic skateboard things, one of them dropped an oddly shaped earring (that magically still had the back on it), and then they finally get down to business and the performance sequence begins. A room full of dancing teens clears out as the boys make their way to the center of the dance floor.

I loved every minute of it. The highlight of the video was definitely the dancing. The choreography incorporated difficult flips and theatrical facial expressions. Call me a Typical K-Pop Fangirl (because I am), but I was lost in a sea of beautiful, Asian teenage boys — I was about to drown.

There were definitely a few members in particular that caught my eye. The main one was Jackson. The nineteen-year-old Hong-Kong native exuded a fiery charisma that makes him seem like a seasoned, musical veteran. I spent the entire time staring at him and had to rewatch the video just to get a good understanding of what was actually going on.

Apparently, they were hanging out in a basement after school with a bunch of other “cool” kids and they started dancing and singing. Of course there were plenty of awing girls on the sidelines to fit the theme.

Two other members that caught my attention were JB and Jr. Both are members of a subgroup called JJ Project that debuted over a year before the actual group. Both members not only showed off their impressive moves, but they also hint at excellent vocal ranges that were showcased in the subgroup. Their husky voices fit the flow of the song perfectly.

I can honestly say that, based off of this video alone, every member of this group is talented. Their dancing, singing and rapping were on point from beginning to end, proving their lyrics to be true.

Being JYP’s first male idol group in 6 years, these guys have a lot to prove. But, I am a girl. Girls love GOT7, therefore, I love GOT7. It is inevitable.


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