Duvall leaves Leesville for Hunter


To any Leesville student, new or old, Mr. Duvall is instantly recognizable. The administrator joined the Leesville family in 2009 as our assistant principal.

Duvall served as Leesville’s assistant principal from 2009-2013. He received his Masters of Education from NC State.

Duvall left during the winter break to serve as the assistant principal of Hunter Elementary.

Senor Ross, fellow educator and friend to Duvall, said, “It makes sense for him. He has three kids (including a newborn) and the new job is 30-45 minutes closer, so that’s over an extra hour he gets a day to be with his family.”

Mr. Duvall will also garner experience at all levels of school by moving, as he’s already worked in both a high and middle school. This vital experience will make all the difference in eventually becoming a principal.

Duvall did everything, from directing traffic, helping any students in need, and breaking up a fight or two along the way.

“He was kind of scary, and the last guy anyone wanted to get in trouble with, but he kept everyone in line,” said Shafwat  Islam, junior. “He wanted to makes everyone’s school experience good; he was always there for you.”

We here at Leesville will miss Duvall, yet send him off with our best wishes for success at his new job.

As Ross said, “Duvall will be remembered for his intimidating physical appearance that hid a teddy bear heart.”



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