Williamson wins the world


“I am the most talented American in America; it’s a verifiable fact, people,” Williamson said at the opening of his 6:00 p.m. New Years Eve comedy show at Goodnight’s Comedy Bar.

As a longtime fan of Williamson since his first audition, it was a pleasant surprise to see that he was wearing the plaid sweater vest, tie and skinny jeans he wore at his audition for America’s Got Talent. His entry to the stage was long awaited and even the noticeable old audience screamed and shouted in anticipation for the self proclaimed “awkward, skinny Jew with the funny laugh.”

In response to the crowd’s excitement, Williamson smiled and gave his signature laugh. “Don’t get your hopes up people. I’m not as great as I look.” He gestures to the sweater vest and the audience bursts out laughing. He said:  “Wait, why are you laughing?”

Williamson’s jokes ranged from his heritage, racism, killing his mother and old people.

The old people he referred to was the sometimes crunchy audience whom did not always approve of Williamson’s raunchy style.

In reference to his mother, Williamson said, “I love my mother. Believe me I do, but when she told me I would inherit $250,000 dollars….” He paused. “I started practicing pulling the plug with toasters.”

Other hilarious, but inappropriate jokes, also left the somewhat irritable audience in stitches.

As the show drew to a close, Williamson let audience members pose in pictures with him for free in the bar portion of the restaurant.

In person, Williamson was incredibly friendly, hugging each person he took pictures with as well as taking the time to talk to them and allowing people to pay whatever they could for his comedy CD.

All in all, Williamson’s special was a spectacular way to ring in the New Year.


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