The importance of Awards Day


As Awards Day for first semester comes and goes, I reflect on my three years and one semester as a Leesville student during this time. I have never won a Student’s Choice, and I would seriously consider myself a sore loser.

But that’s OK, because the concept of the Students Choice award is incredible even if I didn’t win a pennant.

Giving out Student’s Choice awards are a tradition at Leesville that all students participate in. People vote for their best friend, themselves and even the clock because it’s “always on time and well-rounded” and the chair because it “has my back and never talks in class”. The voting and nominations for the award may or may not be serious, but the person who ultimately wins for that period is typically a person who most people really enjoy the presence of.

Although some students and teachers consider Awards Day and the Student Choice award a joke, I really believe Student Choice awards are a great tradition to have — which is surprising. I usually do not advocate passing out random awards to random students to make them feel good.

However, Student Choice awards are a simple, anonymous way to recognize good conduct, punctuality and a truly good student. Students have a way to recognize their peers that are really enjoyable to have in their class without it being really weird.

It’s different being told by a teacher that you’re a great student than when you are told by your peer you’re a great student. Students nod their heads and put on a fake smile whenever teachers tell them they truly enjoy them in class when, in actually, they don’t want to be there.

But when a peers nominate you for being a quality student, it’s quite telling to your value and acceptance in class. Which is what all teenagers want, right? Acceptance and value in something — even if it is just participating and being interactive in class.

I hope that after I graduate and go on with life, Leesville continues this tradition. Although students may not remember their award 30 years from now, the gratification in class is something everyone should value.


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