Millennial Infographic Analysis



According to Tom Krattenmaker in USA Today, “…today’s young adults are a generation marked by impressive social commitment and dedication to using their lives and careers for the greater good.” The data we collected about Leesville’s own Loonies suggest that this statement is entirely true. 79% of Leesville finds that helping others in the community is extremely important to them–valuing the greater good. Also, our research found that 59% of Leesville students have a strict set of moral values that  they abide by. Krattenmaker explains that our generation of teens “have different morals, and different ways of articulating them.”  But, we have found teens have strong morals.

Social Media

Business Insider recently reported that Facebook is no longer the most popular social media service among teens. According to the article, 26% of teens say that Twitter is now the most important social media service, while only 23% said that Facebook was, down from 42%. While our infographic coincides that Facebook is no longer the most popular site among Leesville students, Instagram has taken over its spot with a staggering 73% of students claiming to use the service. Twitter, however, is not far behind with 62% of LRHS users.

Work Ethic

According to our survey, only 7% of Leesville students said they were not hardworking while a staggering 92% believed they had either a good work ethic and/or worked hard. However, according to a Huffington Post survey, 39% of students nationwide said they did not want to work very hard.
Many students at Leesville hold jobs or internships. 42% of Leesville students do not have a job (not in the workforce) and 58% do (this includes babysitting and tutoring). Nationally, 26% of teens, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics, held part-time jobs throughout the year.


Leesville student’s political allegiances are 33% unaffiliated, 31% Republican, 29% Democrat, and 7% members of a minor party. This coincides with other millennial data that found that independents were on the rise. However, there are more Republican students at Leesville than Democrat which contradicts other data and the stereotype that youths are mostly Democratic and liberal. Leesville student’s political knowledge matches a downward trend in political awareness and participation among millennials.


Contrary to previous generations’ relationships with their parents, Millennials, according to a Pew Research survey, fight very little with their parents. The survey found parents of millennials are having far fewer arguments with their own children than they remember having with their parents. Leesville’s Millennials echoed this sentiment: Over half of the students surveyed said they had a “really good” relationship with their parents, and only nine percent described their relationship as “not good” or in “constant disagreement.”


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