NHS Induction Ceremony Lights the Path for Inductees


Nation Honors Society held its induction ceremony for new members on Wednesday, September 26 in the Leesville auditorium. The ceremony began at 6:30p.m. and ended at 8:00p.m. with a cupcake reception.

At the ceremony each NHS officer gave a short speech about topics such as leadership and service. Then the officers called each of their respective members, assigned by alphabetical order to the stage. On the stage, each inductee received their diploma and signed the charter.

As officers called each inductee to the stage, they read a blurb describing that inductees personal leadership and service experience.

Grant Pfeiffer, junior inductee said, “I thought it was cool how they said something different for each person. It really shows the thought behind it.”

After all the inductees were called, candles were passed to each student. The inductees lit their candles through passing the flame to their neighbor, beginning at one side of the row and ending at the other. The candles represent the NHS torch, which in turn symbolizes the search for the light of truth.

While the event was busy, Morgan Barnes, NHS President said, “[The ceremony] went smoothly. The officers had prepared the necessary materials, and we went with the program.”


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