Lilly’s pizza review


Lilly’s Pizza, located at 1813 Glenwood Avenue, is the epitome of a downtown ‘hole in the wall’ restaurant. Immediately when I walked in,brightly colored and eye-catching ornaments drew me to the back of the restaurant where I could place our order.

After entering the restaurant, I grabbed a menu and began making my decision, which was not easy due to Lilly’s vast array of options. Once I decided on a medium pizza with pepperoni and onions, which costed $11 plus $1.50 per topping,  I took a seat outside in their small seating area which can be loud at times because of the busy street.

While waiting for my pizza to arrive I looked around the restaurant and noticed that it had an old-timey theme with a French/New Orleans influence. The decor made the restaurant look dark but not dirty, cleanliness and decor need to be two different categories. The eye-catching and ornate decor fused with the bright warm colors gave me a comfortable, homey feeling. The clientele started off with an older crowd, adults around their mid forties to early fifties, and as time progressed younger couples with young children started to come in. As we left there were only young adults and mature teenagers.

After 20 to 25 minutes, a waiter shouted the name that I gave at the ordering counter. Our pizza was obviously fresh because it was steaming hot. The pizza was already cut so I took a slice and began to eat it. It was extremely hot but the flavor was very well-distribute; there was enough cheese to balance out the sweet yet tangy tomato sauce and a very thick, bready crust.

My overall opinion of Lilly’s is that it is a interesting mix of hipster nightlife and family friendly zones; I personally enjoy their pizza because of the freshness and organic ingredients, and I enjoy the social atmosphere that the restaurant provides. To anyone who plans on going in the future, I recommend going around the same time that your age group goes or, if you have children, sitting inside because the outdoor area is right next to such a high traffic area. Lilly’s warm decor can make anyone feel comfortable.


Atmosphere- Hipster/ new age. Night life, young adult joint, dark, New Orleans/ French influenced decor, small, dark but colorful warm lights add light, hard to park, Indoor and Outdoor seating Good for a summer night hangout spot, right off the road so it’s a little bit loud, artsy, popular, old timey.

Food? Good color, fresh, good smell. Good ratio of sauce to cheese- good cheese- thick golden brown- very good amount of topping, bready– thick crust, tangy but sweet sauce- good. Desserts are also available.

Time it takes to eat? From the time you order it takes about 20-25 minutes for your food to come out.

clientele- Very new age, a younger crowd. The crowd goes from a mid 40’s around 5:30 down to a young to late twenties around 6:30-6:45

Wait staff attitude- Polite, although you don’t interact with them much, You go up to the counter and order whatever you’re getting and give them a name, when it’s ready they come out from behind the counter and yell the name until someone answers

Cleanliness? Not dirty, but not a modern sterile that many people look- a bit of a rustic theme so an extremely clean look wouldn’t agree with their decor.


Pizzas: 10in- $7, $1 per topping

14in-$11, $1.50 per topping

16in- $13, $2 per topping

Slices- $2.50, .50 per topping


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