iOS7 is actually genius

The iOS7 truly improves multitasking and micromanagement of applications; double clicking the home button brings out full screen shots of all opened apps. The update is compatible, starting with the iphone 4, ipad 2, and ipod touch fifth generation.

“With iOS 7, every detail warranted the same rigor toward design. Like refining the typography down to the pixel. Redrawing every icon around a new grid system. Sticking to a precise color palette. And remastering audio alerts to be more distinctive and pleasing. On their own, these may not be details you consciously demand or even expect. But they all work together to create a more harmonious relationship between individual elements. And a better, more delightful experience overall.”


Last Tuesday, Sept 17, students, stoked of the release of the new iOS7 in their third and fourth period classes, diverted attention to their phones. I thought to myself, what a bunch of Apple suckers, why couldn’t they just wait to update at home?

I waited a couple of days to update my iPhone 4S, thinking the new software would come with many complications like previous updates, especially the iOS 6. I was wrong.

The home screen is graphically pleasing, featuring a more simplistic interface with bubbly, less rigid app widgets.

Users can quickly access their frequently used settings [bluetooth, songs, airdrop, alarm, etc] using the control center. The new feature is accessed via the lock screen, home screen, and within every app.

The Notification center allows easier access to notifications from favorite apps plus upcoming events. Now with the iOS7, users can check missing notifications over certain durations of time.

The camera app features still, video, panorama, and square all within one tab. Users record exciting moments at ease. Filters, a feature previously on the iMac and iPad devices, allow for greater customization and personalization of media.

The Photostream has improved its organization and allows easier iCloud backup. The camera roll organizes pictures into special special albums (years, collections, and moments) forming a personal memoir in a collage format.

Airdrop allows quicker, secure sharing of media and music with multiple friends and contacts nearby.

Siri is updated with a smarter, realistic voice interface. Users can pick from a wide range of male and female voices.  iOS7 allows faster searching, control of voice memos, returning calls, and other tasks.

iOS7 allows easier, less stressful management with emails. Users can now flag and mark emails unread.

Safari, Apple’s web browser now allows both web searching and typing web addresses in the search bar.  Tabs are also displayed in a grid pattern, showing all activity conducted in the browser. The new look brings safari up to par to google chrome, its prime competitor.  its browser competitor.

Despite all the tweaks, battery issues linger. Cellular data and bandwidth at school runs on overdrive, draining battery, as it battles the school firewall. In several instances, with multiple apps and cellular data on, battery life on my phone dropped from 30 percent to one percent in less than 10 minutes. For students facing the same issue, the best way of conserving battery is to turn on airplane mode [no cellular data or wifi].


The iOS7 is not so much innovative, but is made simple for the average iphone user. Tasks are less time consuming; unwanted buttons and tasks are cropped out while the software retains the basic interface. The graphically rounder, simpler design breathes youthfulness in an maturing company and fanbase.

The iOS7 earns a 4 out of 5 stars. The clearness overshadows structural issues. The large camps outside the Apple Stores and downloads at school were worth it.


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