New History and English teachers join LRHS staff

Ms. Sarah Cade plans during pride period. When Cade isn’t teaching, she’s coaching the JV Men’s Soccer team.

A lot of changes are taking place at Leesville Road High School this year. Both the English and History departments are welcoming two new faces into their staff.

Ms. Sarah Cade plans during pride period. When Cade isn’t teaching, she’s coaching the JV Men’s Soccer team.

Ms. Sarah Cade, one of the new history teachers at the school this year, has always wanted to teach.

She attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, majoring in American History and earning her minor in American Indian Studies. Cade went further and stayed at UNC for graduate school, where she received her Master of Arts and Teaching (MAT.)

Growing up, Cade was inspired by her teachers. She hopes to be an inspiration to her students during her time at Leesville.

“I believe it is within the social studies classroom that we teachers really push our students to become the best, most productive, most active, and most informed citizens that they can be,” said Cade.

Leesville is Cade’s first official teaching job. She has many goals she would like to achieve this year as she gains new experiences as a teacher.

“I want to make connections during my first year [of] teaching that will help me build relationships with the LRHS community to last for years to come,” said Cade.

So far, Cade’s favorite thing about Leesville is the people.

“The community that this school has built for itself is incredible.  The students, the teachers, the support staff, the administrators…every single person who walks through these doors every day make this place phenomenal and these people are by far my favorite thing about LRHS,” said Cade.

Aside from teaching, Cade enjoys playing the guitar and singing.

Mrs. Fullbright plans for her next classes during pride period. She enjoys being able to work alongside Mr. Fullbright, her husband, at Leesville.

Joining the Leesville English staff this year is Mrs. Morgan Fullbright. Mr. Fullbright, her husband and a CTE teacher at Leesville, was her inspiration to join the LHRS staff.

“[Mr. Fullbright] has worked at Leesville for 8 years and has loved it. He always speaks so highly of the school and the people here that I couldn’t wait to join the staff,” said Fullbright.

Fullbright attended North Carolina State University. After attending college, she taught at her old high school, Terry Sanford High School, for two years and then at Knightdale High School for five years. This year at Leesville, Fullbright hopes to move her classes to a more project based learning.

So far, Fullbright’s favorite thing about Leesville is the community.

“My favorite thing about Leesville is the loyalty that the community shows for the school. I have been attending Leesville athletic events for years, and I have always been so impressed with how much everyone loves this school,” said Fullbright.

Ms. Rebecca Jernigan plans during first period block. Since she is a “floater teacher,” Jernigan moves between different classrooms to teach her students.

Another addition to the English department is Ms. Rebecca Jernigan.

Jernigan attended Meredith College, where she majored in English. She was inspired to teach by her mother, also a teacher.

“I grew up watching her teach, and I spent a lot of time tutoring in her class and that sort of thing, so I learned that I liked it and I enjoyed being around kids,” said Jernigan.

Before teaching at Leesville, Jernigan student taught at Sanderson High School. She also accepted different tutoring jobs from high schools around the Meredith College area. Leesville High School will be her first experience as an official teacher.

Jernigan plans on finding new ways to keep her classes engaged and interested, as well as working on class management during her first year as a teacher.

Like many others, Jernigan’s favorite thing about Leesville is the friendly environment it provides.

“Everyone’s been really, really friendly and super helpful. I’m floating, I don’t have a classroom, and all the teachers that I’m working with have been really gracious and generous to give me space in their classroom and just be very helpful and offer a helping hand, so it’s been really cool,” said Jernigan.

In her free time, Jernigan enjoys watching movies, reading, and playing soccer for fun with her friends.

Mrs. Stephenie Langlois works with students during pride period. This year, she hopes to build new relationships with the staff and students at LRHS.

The second teacher joining the history staff at Leesville is Mrs. Stephenie Langlois.

Langlois attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where she earned a bachelors degree in Political Sciences. She earned her high school teaching certification from East Carolina University.

Her mother, a retired Social Studies teacher, influenced her to be a teacher.

“[She] told me I would be a teacher one day.  She said during my pre-school and elementary school years my playtime would be filled with teaching my stuffed animals,” said Langlois.

Langlois also took an interest in history early on. She’s always enjoyed visiting museums.

Leesville is not Langlois’ first year as a teacher.

“Previously, I taught at Panther Creek High School for six years and Southern Durham High School for five years.  I moved to Leesville to be closer to my family…I have two children, one attends Leesville Elementary, the other is in pre-school,” said Langlois.

The transition to Leesville has been an easy one for Langlois because of the LRHS staff and students.

“As a new teacher to Leesville, everyone has been helpful and welcoming.  I have enjoyed the display of school spirit by both teachers and students. I am looking forward to learning more about the school and working with the students and faculty at Leesville,” said Langlois.


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