Fri. Jul 1st, 2022
Mrs. Mosley, the advisor of Model UN, talks to Sara Mirek, a Leesville student. The club provides students with the opportunity to develop skills and make new friends.

On Tuesday, September 3, Mrs. Mosley, the club’s advisor, led one of two meetings introducing the new Model UN at Leesville. She plans to turn the club into a competitive team by attending field trips to conferences and serious debates.

“[The Model UN] is a way for students to learn about global issues and how different countries around the world feel about them and try to practice coming up with solutions for the world’s problems,” said Mrs. Mosley. She stresses the importance of worldly knowledge and how all students should have a basic idea of foreign affairs.

“I want to learn more about government and issues going on the in the world because I think it’s important to know [that],” said Sarah Mirek, a student interested in Model UN. As a freshman, Mirek sees the club as a sure way to make new friends, providing a familiar environment conducive for learning.

Mosley has big ambitions for the club– the team will attend Model UN conferences held at UNC Chapel Hill and Duke University.

These conferences provide students with the opportunity to compete with other Model UN teams, each representing a country. Their goal is to convince the judges that they have the best solutions to current world issues.

Students who want to participate in this club should be interested in foreign affairs and what the United Nations does. The club requires a lot of academic dedication and time, making it admirable on college applications.

Model UN is a sure way to make new friends with similar interests. The club provides students with the opportunities to be informed about the world around them. It encourages teamwork and diplomacy, teaching the students to interact and debate effectively.

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