Sat. Jul 2nd, 2022
GSA members play a game of Train Wreck outside. They shared hilarious facts about themselves and were surprised to find out how much they all have in common.

Leesville’s own GSA met Friday, September 13 to discuss plans for the upcoming year. The officers asked the members what GSA meant to them to start off the conversation.

Members new and old took part in the discussion, as well as Mrs. Scioli and Mrs. Whitley, the club’s co-advisors.

Whitley and Scioli shared their thoughts on how GSA has evolved since they first became a part of it. They were surprised at the positive reactions they received from faculty and parents.

Last to answer the question was the club’s officers: AJ Sanchez, president, Jasmine Howell, vice president, Caroline Sager, treasurer, and myself, secretary.

They answered by revealing this year’s mission statement: GSA is a social club dedicated to discussing current events in LGBTQ news and giving support and advice to LGBTQ youth.

Following the discussion, the officers passed around the “Gay Box of Questions”; members were encouraged to write down any question or comment that was on their mind at the time and put them in the box. Then, the officers opened the box and read them.

The contents of the box were quite amusing. They contained everything from cute drawings of cats to comments such as, “AJ, your hair is majestic,” and questions like, “…what happens when you divide 38 by zero?”

There were also inspiring inquiries and remarks like, “How do I come out to my parents?” and “Thank you guys for everything that you do.”

Finally, the meeting ended with a game of Train Wreck, so that the members could get to know more about each other. Because of the outstanding attendance at the meeting, the game was played outside.

One person stood in the center and said something they had done before, such as, “never have I ever been in a car accident.” Anyone who had done what the person said had to run and find another open spot in the circle. The person left without a spot stood in the middle and repeated the pattern.

After finishing the game, the meeting concluded. The officers thanked everyone for coming and making the first official meeting a success.

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