Leesville heat wave makes students sweat

Camille Churchwell desperately crawls towards the water fountain outside of room 240, the hottest class in the building. The only classes that were not affected by the Heat Wave were the modulars. Lucky them.

After the long Labor Day weekend, the cheerful students of Leesville Road High School returned to their weekly grind but were surprised when faced with overbearing heat in all the classrooms.

Capped to the brim with with the stifling hot air, every class felt like 100 degrees. Teachers scrambled to find fans and portable air condition units to cool their rooms before the hustle and bustle of the school day, but it didn’t work.

Tuesday, especially for the students and teachers in the 120 rooms and the arts hallway, was a miserable, hot day. The sun relentlessly beat through the windows causing all classes to become stifling hot.

Pools of sweat gathered in every chair. Students crawled through the hallways to the water fountains in a dehydrated state and exposing their scandalous, dress code-breaking shoulders, students across campus threw their jackets to the ground.

Due to the Heat Wave, some teachers even had the heartbreaking and difficult task of relocating their classes to other places in the school. Mrs. Izquierdo was forced to take her Holocaust and Genocide class to the media center, and Mr. Hunt had to relocate his classes to Mrs. Hunt’s room.

Kelly Brown, senior, yearbook student, air conditioning expert and meteorologist-in-the-making, found the Heat Wave’s unrelenting power unbearable.

“The barometric pressure of the northwestern quadrant of the school was off the radar,” Brown said. “The Heat Wave took down the school’s weather tracking system, which made scanning for influxes in the heat index absolutely horrifying and difficult.”

Thankfully, as the three day week progressed, the Heat Wave subsided. The air conditioning finally came back on and now almost every class — except the very esteemed room 240 — is able to receive their education in refreshing coolness.

The students of the 2013-2014 year will forever remember the terrible Heat Wave that took over the school. #NeverForget


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