Class of 2014 revamps Grill Team


After years of decline, Leesville’s Grill Team is undergoing numerous changes by the class of 2014.

Under the new name “Pride Tailgate,” students will no longer meet at Springdale Area Recreation Club but in the student parking lot near the softball field. By changing the location, seniors hope Pride Tailgate will be less intimidating for underclassmen or new students.

However, the senior class failed to implement Pride Tailgate for the first home football game of the year. This folly was noted by several freshmen who showed up early for the event and were left in an empty, unspirited parking lot.

Due to the new location, a faculty sponsor must be present for Pride Tailgate to follow school policy. Because this week’s game was on a Thursday, the senior “spirit leaders” failed to arrange an advisor in advance.

“The point of bringing it to school was to get more people involved,” said Jami Bennett, senior. “Football is so important at Leesville, and we want people to feel more welcome at Pride Tailgate.”

Grill Team was founded by seniors in the class of 2008 and was popular during its first couple of years. However, attendance rapidly declined, and students did not eat the food. Now that Pride Tailgate is on school campus, food will cannot be cooked. Cornhole and football are among the replacement activities offered before each game.

Bennett said, “In previous years, Grill Team got the reputation of being ‘lame,’ so this year we want people to know [Pride Tailgate] is fun.”

“We really just wanted a fresh start for the year and for football season. Pride Tailgate has a new feel; it’s not a big event, but a place to hang out before the games,” said Madeline Graebe, senior.

The senior “spirit leaders” are actively seeking an advisor for future games. Look for Pride Tailgate at the next home football game on September 20.


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