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Senior Assembly

The senior class gathered in the gym for senior assembly. This was the precursor to graduation for them and the beginning of their last moments at Leesville.

On Friday, May 24, Leesville held its annual senior assembly. The senior assembly is an opportunity for seniors to relive their memories at Leesville and the ceremony recognized them for any outstanding achievements and scholarships they have received.

“[I think] it went very well. The best part of it was to get to see everybody dressed up in their robes and getting ready for the end of the year,” said Gary Duvall, assistant principal.

Both parents of seniors and students with many seniors in their class, such as higher level languages and many of the arts, attended the ceremony. After all of the students and family settled into the bleachers, the seniors began to process in.

The junior marshals, comprised of twenty students that are either top ten in their class or are picked by teachers and, directed the seniors and guided their procession. Leesville’s symphonic band played Pomp & Circumstance as the graduates processed in.

At the ceremony, Dr. Muttillo spoke, and he recognized all of the seniors with scholarships. After Muttillo called out all the high-achieving seniors, Muttillo announced that the senior class earned approximately 7.1 million dollars in scholarships, which is 1 million dollars more in scholarship money than last year’s class obtained.

Many seniors, like Lane Hering, Kristen Nelson, and Preston Nix, gave speeches that were reminiscent of their Leesville memories and talked about embarking on their future endeavors.

“[I will miss] the personalities of all the individuals. This group as a whole has been a really easy class. Overall, it’s a great group,” said Duvall of the class of 2013.




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