App of the Month: Vine


Unfortunately, the App of the Month is a social networking app: Vine. Another social networking app. At this point it’s getting hard to keep up with all of them.

Vine is an app that allows users to record a six second video and post online. The interesting thing is, the video can be multiple random segments pieced together for six seconds, allowing for some interesting videos.

The app is a good idea, but, for the most part, has already been used. Cinegram is another app that allows the user to upload short videos. Having come out far before Vine, Cinegram has lost the popularity as Vine has gained.

This is because Cinegram lacks something that has rocketed the popularity of Vine: Twitter. The social network supergiant acquired Vine in October 2012, and since has become one of the most downloaded free apps within the Apple Store.

So what separates Vine from its predecessor?

“Vine is easier,” said Kelly O’Boyle, junior. “It’s easier to record [videos than Cinegram].”

Whatever the reason, Vine has exploded in popularity and soon will expand its audience to the Android and Blackberry market. Only time will tell if it will fizzle down like Cinegram or continue to rise in popularity.


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