Senior prank causes parking lot mayhem


On Friday, May 17, the graduating class of 2013 pulled an unusual senior prank. Upon arriving at school early, seniors decided to “park like a jerk: and ignore the designated parking sports. Cars were found diagonal, backwards, sideways, and on the curbs.

Preston Nix, senior, said, “I wouldn’t really consider it a senior prank. It was a funny thing to do that served its purpose of creating mayhem around the school. Plus it was a domino effect, you didn’t really have a choice.”

However some seniors remain skeptical about the whole idea.

“I thought it was stupid. I wished I could’ve parked in my spot, but I could not. I know we would just have to move the cars later,” said Miranda Brauns, senior.

The prank was harmless and, in fact, only inconvenienced the seniors. The administrators considered themselves lucky that it was something so low key, especially after the incident at Enloe.

Mary Kate Bowers, junior, explained how despite what people said she thought it was funny.

She said, “It doesn’t have to something completely outrageous and mean. I thought it was a funny and classy idea.”

In comparison to years past, this prank allowed involvement by the entire senior class rather than just ten class jokesters. It may not be a prank that will go down in infamy, but it was successful enough and, most importantly, no one got hurt.


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