Leesville lacrosse exceeds expectations

In their second season, the Leesville Lacrosse team finished 12-4. The Pride will host their first ever playoff game against Apex High, fifth in the state, at home on Friday, May 3.

“We’ve done extremely well for a second year program since we placed second in the conference,” said Cody Close, junior and captain. “Plus, we only lost by one in three of those losses.”

The Pride had almost claimed a conference title when they played Broughton last Monday. Leesville lost that match 6-5, however it was an improvement on the 10-4 loss earlier in the season.

The Pride may have improved over the course of a year because of their freshmen. Drew Davis and Griffin McNamara, both freshmen and starting attack-men, are the leading scorers on the team.

“I hope it’s the first of many good seasons for our offense,” said McNamara.

The freshmen have also advanced the inaugural junior varsity team to an undefeated season and top among other JV teams.

“We’ve done well this season,” said Jeremy Fullbright, head coach. “But we need to keep challenging the top teams like Apex in the playoffs.”


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