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Leesville chorus collects trophies

Leesville High school intermediate chorus dominated the Busch Gardens music competition, Saturday, May 18. Students performed Sicut Cervus in Latin and Walk Together Children, a slave spiritual.

As Intermediate Leesville students left the school at 6:45 a.m., the group of 80 plus were unaware that they would return with two trophies and nearly perfect scores. Elementary, middle and high school performers from around the country competed in the Busch Gardens Virginia Fiestaval May 17-18. Performers strived to win the best overall group, placement in their individual categories and the Esprit de Corps spirit award out of more than 30 competing teams.

Leesville placed first in our individual ranking with a superior score of 99.5 and 100, as well as the best overall performance. The only thing raining on Leesville’s parade of victory was rain. At first a light drizzle, the rain became so heavy that the award ceremony was cancelled and students were forced to find shelter.

Some students stayed in the rain to hear the results of the competition, but many did not hear about their victories and scores until the buses’ departure at 7.

Few students braved the wrath of the storm on roller coasters, but those who did described it as painful. “I rode the Griffon when it was starting to rain and it felt like 1,000 tiny bullets hitting my face,” said Elena Mulligan, intermediate choral senior.

Following the cancelled awards ceremony, intermediate students assembled in England at the Big Ben to take a class picture and celebrate their incredible victory.


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